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VeltOS [In Beta]

A customizable Arch-Linux-based operating system made with the users in mind. Features and additions to the OS are decided by the Velt community, where new ideas are voted on in the forums and the most popular suggestions are implemented.

CP-Net Visualizer


A tool for visualizing and modifying CP-Nets—a mathematical model for representing human preferences—using a web-based graphical user interface. Built as part of research work at the University of Kentucky.

The Simple Engine [Cancelled]

This is a multipurpose C/C++ based gameish-engine that I'm creating from scratch. It's goal is to make it easier to make games or just computer programs in general. Currently, it uses OpenGL and OpenAL for graphics and audio, and Lua as the scripting language. Cancelled for now, may return to this later.

MotoMill Pioneer [Cancelled]

A cheap, user-friendly 3D milling, or CNC, machine created by the startup MotoMill. Using an Arduino Uno and custom software, I programmed the machine to cut out paths using industry-standard G-code files. This project has been cancelled until further notice.

Call of Duty 5 Export Tools Plugin for Maya


This is a Maya 2012-2014 plugin, written in Python, that adds tools to help create models and animations for Call of Duty 5. It includes an exporter for XModels and XAnims.

ComputerCraft Sorting System


This is a script I wrote for ComputerCraft, a Minecraft mod which adds in programmable computers, that creates an item sorting system. Part of the code was client-side Lua for storing and retrieving items, and the other part was a server-side PHP and MySQL database for storing item data.

The UGX Mod v1.0


This is a Call of Duty 5 mod I helped create, along with the rest of the UGX team, that is implemented into all recent UGX maps and many community-created maps. I was the main scripter for most of the custom gametypes, the ranking system, and a couple other smaller things. Since I left UGX, this project has been maintained by the rest of the team.

UGX Script Placer


This is a Call of Duty 5 map generator written in C# that I created for UGX-Mods. It helps with starting a new map by generating all the standard scripts needed for a basic map. It supports adding custom features to the map on install, such as cheat protection and a main menu "Launch Map" button.

UGX Map Manager


This is a Call of Duty 5 map installer written in C# that I created for UGX-Mods. It allows users to easily download, update, and launch both UGX maps and user submitted maps. This program has been used over 100,000 times! Since I left UGX, this project has been maintained by [UGX]Treminaor.



This is a Call of Duty 5 map created by Snake0567, the mapper, and I, the scripter. It features four forts that you can camp in each round, but only move to a different one between rounds. Contains custom gameplay, powerups, perks, and more. Forts also uses CoD4 weapons, and was the first map in which you could Pack-a-Punch them.
(Download available through the UGX Map Manager.)